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Garage International (GI) is located in Zagreb, near the Business Center International (BCI) - a modern business center. The entrance to the garage is from Čazmanska Street on the south side of the BCI.The garage is connected to BCI and the International Hotel (4 *) by elevators and a corridor and has exits to Vukovarska, Miramarska and Čazmanska streets.
Within the garage there is a car wash.
The garage has 447 available parking spaces on seven above-ground and one underground floor. There are also 16 places for the disabled - two on each floor next to the garage exit door.
It is equipped with a modern ventilation system in the underground part of the garage, fire safety system and video surveillance. GI has two elevators and stairs for garage users, and payment for parking is possible at the reception and self-service cash register. In addition to functioning as a public garage with payment per hour of parking, garage spaces can be rented for one year.
If you are interested in renting, please contact our sales department.
The working hours of the garage are from 0 to 24 hours.



Hourly payment*

Daily parking (07-19h): 1,20 EUR/h, 9,04 HRK/h
Night parking (19-07 h)Saturday and Sunday (0 - 24 h) :0,70 EUR/h, 5,27 HRK/h.

Payment can be made at the self-service box office and the BCI reception. VAT is included in the price.
The lost card is charged 200 kuna (26,54 EUR) per day, counting for each day from the entry of the vehicle into the garage.


Voucher EUR 23: 20,00 EUR (HRK 150,69)
Voucher EUR 92: 80,00 EUR (HRK 602,76)

Prepaid parking card (voucher) allows you to provide a certain number of hours of parking by paying in advance with a discount. You can buy prepaid parking cards (vouchers) at the main reception of BCI. VAT is included in the price.

Lease of parking space:

FLOOR                       MONTHLY LEASE                        ANNUAL LEASE  

6. i 5. kat                       60,00 EUR+ PDV                            720,00 EUR+PDV

4. 3. i 2.kat                    90,00 EUR+PDV                             1.080,00 EUR+PDV  

1.,0. i -1 kat                  120,00 EUR+PDV                            1.500,00 EUR+PDV 


*Price list valid from 1.1.2023.
Fixed conversion rate: 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK

For all inquiries please contact:
Loquor d.o.o .; +385 1 6005 699;
BCI reception: + 385 1 6005 677

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One parking space for rent in VIP garage is available


If you are interested in renting, please contact our sales department.


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