Vrboska, one of the most beautiful townlets on the island Hvar was founded in the 15 th century. Due to small bridges that it`s conected with, Vrboska is often reffered to as “Little Venice”.

The ideal mild Mediteranean climate, pitoresque surrounding and rich cultural heritage are garanty for interesting, active and unstressed vacation. This little place will bring life back to a tiresom body and peace to one`s spirit.

Fishermen`s tradition in Vrboska is as important as cultural That is evident from the fact that Fisherman`s museum was founded in the 1972. Museum colection includes all kind of fishermen nets, tools and remains of old factory for fish processing equipment.

The most imposing architectual site in the townlet is the fort-church of “St. Mary of Mercy”. The fort-church was fortified in the 1575 after the Turkish attack in the 1571 under the guidance of the Turkish duke Uluč-Alija. The fort was fortified at the money expense of local people for the defense against the Turks. It is the most beautiful fort-church in Croatia and one of the most beautiful in the world. West of the church of “St. Mary of Mercy” is parish church of “St. Lovrinac” with five altars. It dates back in 15 th century, and is adapted in baroque style in the 17 thcentury. It kept its baroque image to this day. The parish church had been burnt twice over the course of history – the first time in 1512 during the rebellion and in 1571 when the Turks invaded. The intefior of the church hides priceless artistic treasure – numerous valuable paintings.

Vrboska is well conected with other places on the island by local bus transport or numerous taxi-cabs. Numerous trips are organized by local agencies and ship owners. One of the most interesting is trip to Bol on island Brač where the famous beach Zlatni Rat is situated. We have to point out local restaurants which offer traditional Dalmatian dishes. For free time, Vrboska offers wind surfing, boat tours, diving, cycling and other sea activities.