Slika Starigrad iz zrakaThe Hvar island is a part of the central Dalmatian archipelago situated in a picturesque natural setting. Hvar is the sunniest island in Croatia because of its south geographical orientation what gives the Mediterranean attraction and serenity. It is famous for its pleasant Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers.
The ancient Greeks founded the ancient city of Pharos, today Stari Grad. The island obtained the glory and the power during the Middle Ages when it became an important port of the Venetian maritime empire. Numerous archaeological sites and cultural attractions speak about Hvar’s rich and turbulent history.
Geographical location, rugged coastline with numerous picturesque and crystal clean beaches, plenty of sun, untouched nature, lavender fields, rich historical and cultural heritage, make the Hvar island the most attractive tourist destination in Croatia awarded with titles for hit destinations in Croatia and abroad.




Stari Grad (Pharos) was founded in 384 BC when the ancient Greeks were sailing to the island of Pharos and entering the Stari Grad bay. The turbulent history has left behind many attractions which tourists can visit in the museums or see it during walk in the old town.

Square and parish church of St. Stephen were the most important public spaces of the Pharos. In the past, the square was place where all social and economic activities took place, but due to the relocation of the daily activities and tourists on the Waterfront, the square became an oasis of silence and contemplation. Stari Grad is adorned with Tvrdalj Petar Hektorović. Renaissance poet was building this monument his whole life. In addition to its architectural beauty, Tvrdalj is attractive because of the artistic treasure that is hiding.
Except for its rich architecture, Stari Grad attracts many tourists due to varied gastronomic offer – Mediterranean specialties, high-quality Hvar wines, sweet lavender and many other native delicacies. Numerous sports – cycling, sightseeing, surfing, diving, climbing on Purkin Kuk hill from which you can see the whole UNESCO Stari Grad and varied nightlife, make it one of the most visited tourist destinations in Croatia